Faizabad Airfield

ARP: 026*45’14” N 082*09’01” E

Runway orientation: 12-30 (Runway 12 has a right-hand pattern)

Runway length: 4500 feet

Runway width: 100 feet

Special instructions to pilots: VID 136 (Danger Surface to 19000 MSL) having radius of 1 mile is on radial 308 from Faizabad airfield at 4 nautical miles.

Contact frequency for aircraft in the vicinity of the aerodrome: 123.45 MHz
Airfields for alternate landings and diversions (within 100 nautical miles):
Coming from or going East from Faizabad:
Akbarpur: 29 nautical miles on radial 129 from Faizabad.
Gorakhpur: 70 nautical miles on radial 090 from Faizabad.
Coming from or going South from Faizabad:
Varanasi: 87 nautical miles on radial 153 from Faizabad.
Sultanpur: 30.8 nautical miles on radial 192 from Faizabad.
Prayagraj (Allahabad): 82 nautical miles on 195 radial from Faizabad.
Coming from or going West from Faizabad:

Rae Bareli: 51 nautical miles on radial 233 from Faizabad.

Lucknow: 68 nautical miles on radial 270 from Faizabad.

Coming from or going North from Faizabad:
Shravasti: 46 nautical miles on radial 346 from Faizabad.
Closest Airport: Lucknow, 120 kilometres westward. Travel time from Lucknow airport to Faizabad airfield is usually 2 hours and 15 minutes (with a variance of 15 minutes, depending on traffic).
Closest Railway station: Faizabad (Railway code FD)