01 When at the earliest can I enrol in the CPL course?
Our present waiting list extends till 01.05.2019. Although, vacancies may arise earlier too. Please email us your application. We function on a first-pay-first-fly system, i.e. if you wish, you may sign the Agreement with us now and reserve your spot for the next available vacancy, may even be before 01.05.2019
02 Is there any provision for ground training classes of CPL theory papers at your campus?
No, As per DGCA’s CARs, ground classes can be outsourced to another FTO, hence, we have outsourced our ground claseses. All trainees are required to pass theory exams before the commencement of flying training.
03 How many students are undergoing training now at your academy and what is the aircraft to trainee ratio?
At any given time, we do not enrol more than 30 trainees at the Faizabad base. The aircraft to trainee ratio is equal to or less than 1:4.
04 What is the present training cost including staying at your campus?
The course fee includes only accommodation on sharing-basis for the entire duration of the course. All trainees are expected to make arrangements for their food, which is readily available via outlets in the vicinity of the airfield. Presently trainees are availing the services of ‘tiffin’ suppliers who are located close to the airfield. The details of these suppliers can be asked from the Station Manager. There are also assistants who are available in the cafeteria who can cook the groceries provided by the trainees.
05 On an average how many months will it take to complete flying training after clearing the theory papers? Or, will theory and flying training be conducted simultaneously?
Flying training will be conducted independent of theory studies. Please pass all exams before seeking to commence flying training. As per our Agreement, the duration for training is 1 year, however, some trainees have managed to complete the course in 6 months too. In your best interest, it is advised that you should plan for 1 year to complete the flying requirements.
06 How often does weather restrict flying in Faizabad?
1 month during monsoons and 1 month in winter due to fog. We are in the process of finalising a satellite base in central India so that flying may be conducted there during the winter season.
07 Do you have type rating facilities? If yes, what is the fees structure for it?
No. However, we can guide you to organisations that can assist with type-rating. The cost would be approximately Rs. 11.5-12 lakhs.
08 I would like to speak to someone over the telephone, who can I talk to?
Our communications with all of our trainees and prospective trainees are conducted over email for the purpose of record-keeping and clarity. Please email us your questions and we will respond within 1-2 working days. Once initial communications have been established, you may contact our Operations department or the Station Manager by telephone.
09 I would like to visit the base in Faizabad, when can I do so?
You may visit the base at Faizabad after emailing a copy of your government-issued ID card (AADHAAR, driver’s license, passport etc.) the Station Manager at faizabad@falconaviation.in and receiving his permission. Once you receive a response/confirmation of date and time by email from the Station Manager, you are welcome to visit. Please note that due to security reasons, no more than 3 other persons or relatives will be permitted inside the aerodrome premises along with you.Upon your arrival, a meeting with the Chief Flight Instructor will be coordinated by the Station Manager.
10 Can I undertake the CPL course without having Mathematics and Physics in Class 12?
Yes, you may. HOWEVER, you should have passed Class 12-level exams for mathematics and physics prior to applying for the issuance of your CPL license. You may apply to a board such as NIOS to appear for the said exams.
11 Do you provide job guarantees?
No, we do not provide any guarantees, neither for jobs nor for completion of the CPL course (if you do not possess the basic skills required for it).
12 Is the Ayodhya/Faizabad airfield approved for night-flying/training?
  Yes. Night training for CPL syllabus is conducted at Ayodhya/Faizabad.
13 Is the airspace of Ayodhya/Faizabad airfield controlled?
  No. Falcon Aviation Academy has been granted a designated flying area around the Ayodhya/Faizabad airfield.
14 Where is the training for instrument rating provided?
Rae Bareli (UGRUA, Furstaganj), Lucknow and Prayagraj (Allahabad) have instrument training aids at the airfields. Training for instrument rating is imparted at one of these airfields.
Please email us at contact@falconaviation.in our usual response time is 1 working day.