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Commercial Pilot’s License (Multi-engine with Instrument Rating):

The CPL license is the minimum requirement for an individual to be able to apply for employment with aviation companies or airlines as a pilot. A Multi-Engine Instrument Rating will provide you with an advantage over candidates who do not have this rating. Most airlines require candidates to possess a multi-engine rating.

Please note that airline companies may have additional requirements or expect the applicant to have other ratings. To explain simply, ratings are additional types of training that a qualified pilot can undertake to improve his ability and proficiency to fly different types of aircraft. Additional ratings may increase the chances of employment of a candidate.
What is the minimum age to enrol for this course?
Answer: 17 years to join the course. However, you should be 18 years of age for grant of CPL.
What is the minimum educational qualification to enrol for this course?
Answer: Class 12.
You should also have passed Class 12-level physics and mathematics exams from a recognised board.
Did you study Commerce or Arts at Class-12 level and want to know whether you can still become a commercial pilot?
Answer: Yes, you can enrol for the CPL course & become a Commercial Pilot.
Even though you studied Commerce or Arts at Class-12 level and did not appear for Class-12 level physics and mathematics examinations, you can do so via the government–recognised National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS, see their website: while training for your license with us in Faizabad. Our in-house guidance and counselling team will guide you about these exams.
Are there any other requirements?
Yes, you should be medically fit as per the DGCA’s standards in order to be granted this license.
You will need a Class 1 medical certificate for the issuance of a Commercial Pilot’s License. To find a DGCA-approved Class 1 medical examination centre or doctor, click on this link:
A Class 2 medical certificate is the basic requirement to undergo Class 1 medical examination. You can commence your initial flight training with us on the basis of a Class 2 medical, in case there is waiting-list for Class 1 medical examinations. The list of DGCA-approved doctors who can conduct Class 2 medical examinations can be seen by clicking on this link:
What is the minimum no. of flight hours to attain this license?
Answer: As per the DGCA’s requirements, a person needs a minimum of 200 flights hours, divided into various modules to fulfil the training requirements as per DGCA’s syllabus.
How is this course different from CPL (single-engine) with Instrument Rating?
Answer: During the CPL (single-engine) with Instrument Rating course, ca candidate is trained to fly a single-engine aircraft throughout the duration of training. All flights and examinations are conducted on a single-engine aircraft.

If you choose to opt for the CPL (multi-engine) with Instrument Rating course, you will be trained to fly a twin-engine aircraft for 15 hours, towards the advanced stages of your training. Coupled with an Instrument Rating, a CPL-holder with a multi-engine Instrument Rating on the license has a substantial professional advantage over pilots with just a single-engine rating on their license.
What is the cost of the course?
Answer: The course fee is Rs. 29,90,000/-*. The payment plan and details of instalments and facilities provided are detailed in tables below.
How can I apply for this course?
Answer: You should apply online:
you could email us on
What happens after I submit my online application?
Answer: You will receive an acknowledgement of your application by email from
  This email will also contain:
  • A ‘Police Verification Form’.
  • List of DGCA-approved Class 2 medical practitioners for your medical examination (since you need to have Class 2 medical certificate before applying for a Class 1 medical examination).
  • This email will have instructions regarding how you should submit the following documents for your file to be processed:
    - your Class X marksheet,
    - your Class XII marksheet,
    - a proof of residence,
    - a passport-size picture and
    - a scanned copy of your approved ‘Police Verification Form’ (you will be required to submit the original copy
      at the time of joining the course in Faizabad).

  • You will have to get the ‘Police Verification Form’ signed and certified by the Station In-charge of the police station within whose jurisdiction your residence lies.
  • You should visit a DGCA-approved Class 2 medical practitioner (list will be provided in our email to you) close to your location for the necessary medical examination. After you satisfy the DGCA’s medical standards, the doctor will forward your details to DGCA, which will then send you the Class 2 medical certificate by post. The details of your medical certificate will also be available for viewing on the DGCA’s website.
  Note: You are not required to pay any fees upto this stage.
What happens after I email my Class X marksheet, Class XII marksheet, proof of residence, passport-size picture and a scanned copy of the ‘Police Verification Form’ to Falcon Aviation Academy?
Answer: You will receive an acknowledgement email from

This email will also contain the following documents:
  • ‘Offer of Admission’ (with details of fees and instalments).
  • ‘Undertaking’.
  • ‘Code of Conduct’.
  • ‘Agreement to Terms & Conditions’.
  • ‘Indemnity Form’.
  The instructions pertaining to the submission of the documents mentioned above will be contained in the email. Briefly put, you should read and sign the following documents and email the scanned copies to :
  • Undertaking
  • Agreement to Terms & Conditions.
  • Indemnity Form.
  Note: You are not required to pay any fees upto this stage.
What happens after I sign and email the scanned copies of: Agreement to Terms & Conditions, Undertaking and the Indemnity Form?
Answer: After we receive your email containing the signed copies of the: Undertaking, Agreement to Terms & Conditions and Indemnity Form, you will receive the ‘Letter of Admission’ by email.
  You should take the following steps:
  • Transfer the amount of the 1st instalment, i.e. Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakhs), in favour of
    Falcon Aviation Academy” By NEFT / RTGS

Course: Commercial Pilot's License (Multi-engine Instrument-rating)
Total Fee for CPL (Single-engine with Instrument Rating)
Rs. 29,90,000*
* Taxes, if any, imposed by the Govt. of India will be fully payable by the trainee above and beyond these fees.