About Us

Falcon Aviation Academy was instituted with the objective of providing intelligent, modern and affordable yet high-quality flight training comparable to global standards to aspirants with the objective of contributing quality pilots to the aviation industry.

The driving principles of the Organization are:
» To develop a proactive approach to safety and prudent airmanship.
To provide continued training and education about aviation and flight training to our trainee pilots, licensed pilots and our employees.
» To provide an exercise & situation-based interactive approach to flight training between instructors and trainee pilots.

We perceive pilot training to be a mix of ground instruction, where ‘Trainee Pilots’ (as we refer to students at Falcon) imbibe the comprehensive theory about a particular subject or exercise, and flight training, during which they experience and apply the theoretical information acquired during class-room instruction, ground-briefing and instruction. The aircraft is viewed as a laboratory for practising the theoretical lessons learnt and simulator-based exercises practised on ground.

We believe that an aircraft should be flown for an exercise only after the fundamentals of the exercise/sortie are clear to the trainee pilot before the mission and have also been practised on our state-of-the-art, ultra-modern Redbird MCX full-motion simulator, which also reduces both- the cost and duration of training- for trainee pilots. The actual flight should be an exercise in executing the manoeuvres successfully and practising them with the following objectives:

» Assessment and negation of risks involved in the execution of the manoeuver.
» Enhancement of safety during the manoeuver.
Compliance with the established performance standards and executing the manoeuver to the satisfaction of the accompanying flight instructor and consequently being able to repeat the same during a flight-test.

We place a premium on the theoretical study of all prescribed sub-fields of aviation prior to commencing actual flying training and on simulator-based learning of all elements involved in Flight Training.

The Managing Director of Falcon Aviation Academy is Mr. Harsh Vardhan Pratap Singh. He has been flying since 1999 and holds pilot licenses for both helicopters and aeroplanes from India, USA & Canada. A graduate of St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi and post-graduate from the London School of Economics (LSE), he is also the Vice-Chairman of S.S.R. Medical College, Mauritius (www.ssrmedicalcollege.com). He returned to his place of birth, Faizabad, to set up Falcon Aviation.