Fee Structure

  Flying Charges per hour:
Please email us at: contact@falconaviation.in for hourly prices for recency and renewals of licenses, the email should be copied to: operations@falconaviation.in and faizabad@falconaviation.in
Telephonic enquiries can be made only after emailing your query to us.
Note: We do not usually accept migrations from other flight training organisations.
  Fees for CPL (Multi-engine with Instrument Rating):

Rs. 23,75,000 (Rupees Twenty Three Lakhs and Seventy Five Thousand).

Details of the installments are provided below:  
Installment no. 1, payable at the time of enrolment: Rs. 10,00,000
Installment no. 2, payable after 49 hours: Rs. 13,75,000
Total Fee for Commercial Pilot’s License (multi-engine IR):
Rs. 23,75,000/-

The following are the inclusions of the aforementioned package:

1. Administrative Fee.
2. 185 hours of Single-engine on Cessna 152.
3. 15 hours of Multi-engine on Piper Seneca PA-34.
4.  20 hours of simulator.
5. Night flying.
6. Accommodation (air-conditioned, shared).
7. Access and usage of infrastructural facilities.
8. Usage of equipment and teaching/learning aids, such as aeronautical charts, flight computers etc.
9. Insurance cover for the trainee pilots.

1. Landing/parking fees levied by AAI, State governments etc., licensing fees of DGCA and any other charges levied specifically on training flights or individual trainees will have to be borne by them.

2. Operational days are defined by us as the days on which the FTO is operational and flying training is undertaken. If flying training is hindered, restricted or stopped for any reason whatsoever on a day/s, those day/s will not be counted as an operational day/s. The CFI/Dy. CFI will be the final authority regarding the conduct of a trainee's flight instruction and air-safety issues.

3. Any inclusions not mentioned as part of the package will be charged on pro-rata basis, for example, if a trainee needs to fly additional hours (over and above 200 hour) to maintain recency prior to the issuance of the CPL, it will be charged on pro-rata basis as mentioned in the Agreement.